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What this site aims to do is to HELP to Enlighten you. I cannot "make you Enlightned." Nor can I "make" you into anyone or ANYthing else. Only one can do that. That one is YOU. Given here in this site are the Keys by which one can gain a new lease and undertsanding on Life itself. I will not attempt to convert you to any religion whatsoever. I am a Christian. But that does not mean that I will make you be one as well. (As above, I say that I cannot make you into ANYthing or anyone else. ;)  )    

Rather, to benefit from this and ALL OTHER sites of Ninjutsu, as well as books published, and lessons in any Dojo, one must have an open Mind. A poem by Poet Robert Frost, "The Road Less Travelled", tells the story of a man who walks down a path, only to find two more divergent paths. He then proceeds to take the more difficult path, hence the road less travelled. Many things can be drawn drom this story. One thing that can be taken away from this is the idea that there are many roads that can lead to a destination. Fewer Walks of Life tell of only ONE road to the destination of choice. But these are few and far between. In regards to Meditation, (there are evil kinds of meditation, just as there are evil forms of prayer. Everything has a Yin and Yang), there are many roads to Enlightenment. One can practice Kjuji-In, a relative of Kuji-Kiri, Kuji-Kiri itself, or any other meditation. Make sure, however, that whatever you do is good for YOU. Meaning, it helps improve various aspects of your body. And, it does not harm you in any way. Kuji-Kiri, however, if not done right, with it's various breathing exercises, CAN give on adverse effects. But this does not mean it is "bad for you". Doing sit-ups while moving your neck WILL hurt you, but not if you do them right, striving to keep your neck STILL throughout the exercise. Likewise with Kuji-Kiri. Do the exercises right, and you will not get any adverse effects. You will JUST get the benefits. Of course, consulting a doctor is wise. Those with breathing abnormalities should practice breathing as one would in Kuji-Kiri for around 90 days before going full on into the exercises. Some of you must be wondering, "What the blast is Kuji-Kiri anyway? How can I learn it?" Unfortunatly, if I tried to type in ALL of the instructions of Kuji-Kiri, the webmaster, (me), would have Carpel Tunnel. That would be bad. For now, visit , or for books on how to do Kuji-Kiri. They are affordable. I got one for Christmas, which was around $20.00. I'm sure they'll accept international orders too.   :) Thank you so much for checking out my site. Sorry about the ads. They came with the free account.

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