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Hey! I am new and I was wondering if the creators of this site could make an Online Ninja Training School with all their knowledge. Please!!! I am looking to start a path in the ninja warrior way! I am a Catholic Christian and hockey is my life. But I would also like to add ninjutsu to my life as well. Thanks guys!!!


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But, I am the only one who runs this site....  :) I only know enough to teach a few things... So, I can teach what I KNOW..... However, to open up a school online, I would have to know enough to teach you up to Black Belt level, or Black Sash... :) Also, I am allied with no Ninjutsu School.... So, you may find it better to look up the Bunjinkan Association...  They are also on youtube.... :) Of course, if anything on this site helps you, then I am glad to have helped....


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